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Back To School – Back To Work – Are you wasting time and losing money?

It seems there’s always one more thing to do.

Do you remember getting yourself or your children ready to go back to college or school? There were travel arrangements to make, clothes to purchase and sort, fees to pay, long lists of tools and supplies to find and organize, and endless paperwork!

The summer is fading fast and will soon be just a pleasant memory. This is a time of transition for both students and business owners, and you might be surprised by how similar the two adjustments can be.


Just as getting ready for college requires travel plans – how to get to the one far away, and how to get back and forth to the one close to home – summer’s end often also brings opportunities that require traveling for the business owner. This is the time of year for conferences, workshops, and networking events.


From the first day of kindergarten all the way through graduate school, a new school year has always meant new clothes. When your business puts you into any amount of public contact, the changing season means updating the wardrobe for entrepreneurs as well. Even if your business is almost entirely online, this is still a good time to think about updating your pictures and image.


Do you ever wonder if anything is all inclusive any more? In school there are always extra fees to pay for different activities. The same is usually true in business; licenses have to be renewed and there are several infrequent but recurring expenses that must be taken care of if you want things to keep operating smoothly.


Right after clothing, August is also a big month for certain types of supplies. Who doesn’t remember fresh new packages of paper, pencils and notebooks? And of course older students need computers and other electronics. As a business owner you also need to periodically replace and/or repair your supplies, no matter what type of product or service you provide. That’s part of the cycle of doing business.


There is no single aspect of modern life that doesn’t require some type of paperwork. In school there are permission slips, address and identity verification, and medical and emergency contact notices to fill out. Businesses have tax forms, employment forms, sales forms, customer forms, bookkeeping forms, and the list goes on and on. There is truly no end to the paperwork that has to be done to keep any activity running.

So, what’s the common factor in all of these situations? They can all be completed faster and more easily if you get the right kind of help.

This is especially true in your business. Are you wasting time and losing money on repetitive but necessary activities that don’t contribute to the bottom line?


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