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Spring Forward To Success

It’s that time of year where we shed our winter coats and look forward to the warmer weather and longer days of Spring. Here in the US we “spring forward” into daylight savings time.

As business owners, our clocks aren’t the only things that should be moving forward. There are several areas where we can get a head start, and Spring is a good time to get a jump on these segments of your business.

Get a jump on your business systems. It is important to regularly evaluate the various tools, systems and programs you use in your day-to-day operations. Are you as organized and efficient as you should be for maximum results? Are you using outdated programs? Are you taking full advantage of the programs you use?

You don’t want to purchase expensive software, tools or learning programs only to let them sit unused or under-used until they are no longer effective. Make the most of these systems by using them fully or delegating these tasks to a specifically trained VA.

Get a jump on your reading. These days, everybody belongs to numerous mailing lists. You probably have quite a few books, newsletters and e-book courses you’ve purchased or signed up for but not had the time to read. The first thing you can do is to go through all your lists and materials to weed out the ones that aren’t relevant to your life and organize the ones that are.

Then, organize your time. Block out a reading time each week that you devote to catching up, and keeping up with necessary reading.

Get a jump on your money. Spring time is tax time and that’s one occasion when your mind will definitely be on financial matters. Your annual tax form is like a snapshot of the economic health of your business. You can see what your expenses are and how they affect your bottom line.

You can also see which areas or activities bring in the most, and the least. This means you know what to do more of and what you may need to consider letting go of, or delegating to someone else so that you can concentrate on more profitable activities.

Get a jump on your relationships. Micro-blogging and social networking sites can be a lot of fun and they can be very helpful in your business. They can also eat up a lot of time and blur your focus if you allow it. Keep your goals in mind when you spend time on these sites for business. Remember that the point is to form mutually beneficial relationships.

Jump into Spring with purpose and you’ll set the stage for a successful year.

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