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How To Have Fun In Business!

Operating your own business is very serious. It requires careful planning, responsible attention to details and consistent hard work. Owning a business is an excellent way to provide for your family and secure your future.

Owning a business is serious business but it can also be a lot of fun if you let it!

Lots of people think that work and fun are opposite activities and that you can’t put the two things together. But in reality, life is better when you work hard at having fun, and have fun at your work.

It’s a well known psychological fact that people who can laugh and have fun are happier and healthier.

What if there was a way to add some fun to your business and make it more successful at the same time? There is! All it takes is a little creativity – or an assistant with a talent for finding the unusual – and knowing how to put it to work.

One way to put some fun in your day is to smile. Put one on your face, put one in your voice, put them in your notes put one on your office door and anywhere else you can think of. Who doesn’t feel better with a smile?

Have a contest. It doesn’t have to be serious; anything that helps your customers and/or employees relax, loosen up and have a laugh will make them feel good and put you and your business in a positive light.

Learn and practice ways to reduce stress. Learn to focus on the big picture and on your progress. Get help when you can and when you need it. Take a little time every day just for you. After all, how can you have any fun if you’re all tensed up?

Use plenty of humor. What is more fun than a good laugh? Even the most serious businesses can benefit from the appropriate use of humor. In fact, many industries that might be considered depressing use humor to bring a better attitude to their companies. Just think about how many insurance commercials try to make you laugh instead of focusing on the disasters that are the real reason people need them.

Get a new calendar! Do you know how many whacky holidays and special observances there are in a year? Hundreds! And you can use them to add fun (and profits) to your life and your business.

Keep an eye on my blog during the month of September when I’ll give you some tips on how to use some of the more interesting fall celebrations to put more fun in your business.


Check back early September for my fun blog updates!

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