Grow Your Business with Telesummits

An effective way to generate leads, build your list, establish yourself as an expert and make more money!

Do you have an important message to share with potential clients and customers?

Are you ready to grow your list by using the power of technology to deliver YOUR fabulous content to hundreds (maybe more!) of listeners?

Is it time for you to generate passive revenue so that you can work less and earn more?

Then Telesummits may be your next Great Marketing Strategy!

  • When executed by a professional, a telesummit can successfully:
  • Drive (hundreds!) of qualified leads to your website
  • Position you as THE authority on your topic or in your industry
  • Develop mutually-beneficially relationships with other experts in your market to increase your exposure
  • Generate passive income that continues to add to your bottom line long after the telesummit concludes

But Don’t Make This Common Mistake: Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself!

You may be tempted to produce a telesummit on your own. And let me warn you from experience, that this is a risky choice.

Growing a successful business all by yourself is hard work. You can quickly become overwhelmed with all the things you have to learn and frustrated by keeping up with all the details.

These are some of the things that could go wrong by doing it yourseslf:

  • Technical difficulties like poor quality connections and dropped calls
  • Failed or poor quality audio recordings
  • Chaotic and noisy teleseminars with background noise and people talking over one another
  • Guest speakers who don’t show up for their scheduled interviews
  • Confusing emails and communications with participants that appear unprofessional and disorganized
  • Technical difficulties downloading or accessing content
  • Countless headaches and long hours doing tedious work
  • Lost potential to partner with affiliates and other strategic partners who could bring in higher volumes and more revenue!

The Telesummit VA can Prevent These Mistakes – and Make Your Event Run Smoothly So It Produces Results for Your Business!

When you sign up for a The Telesummit VA Care Package, you will receive my very own proven strategies to make your current and future telesummits run smoothly with precision and organization. Here’s what you get: Thoughtfully crafted email to invite your industry partners to join you in this opportunity

  • Thoughtfully crafted email to invite your industry partners to join your Affiliate Program
  • Meticulously created email autoresponder series that communicates all the details and engages your participants in your telesummitSpeaker Thank You email script/template once telesummit is over
  • Telesummit Reminder email script/template for each speaker/topic
  • Broadcast email script/template for when the recording is available
  • Opt-in Page (the page where your subscribers will opt-in or sign-up for your Telesummit)
  • Sample sales broadcasts for selling your mp3 recordings and transcripts
  • My Shopping Cart Secrets for selecting the best priced option for you
  • My very own proven checklists and spreadsheets to keep your telesummit on target and organized
  • And much more…

Don’t do it alone!

People who create their Telesummit for the first time – without a Business Support Specialist – always regret that decision. They wish they had a Telesummit VA to take them step-by-step through the process.

They recognize – way too late – that they could have saved tons of money and time spent on costly errors.

How does a Telesummit Work?

Your Telesummit VA will help you:

Identify a handful of speakers, including you, to provide free interviews on related topics.

Coordinate all the details and logistical arrangements for webinars or telephone conference calls over the course of a few days or weeks so you can deliver your program from the comfort of your home or office with my OWN proven checklists.

“Two Affordable Options” to Hosting Your Successful (and Stress-Free!) Telesummit

Telesummit Basic Care Package

Before Telesummit

  • 30 minute one-time planning meeting to ensure your goals are clearly defined and you can measure the success of your telesummit
  • Cart setup & website integration
  • Shopping cart customization
  • Merchant (provided by client) & payment connections (PayPal included)
  • Product setup & management for Telesummit/Teleseminar (Maximum 3 products)
  • Autoresponder setup & management for Telesummit/Teleseminar includes optin, affiliates and product Autoresponders.
  • Optin Page (including supplying content, colors, pictures and Telesummit topic)
  • Affiliate program set-up for speakers only – not public
  • Sales/Squeeze Page (including supplying content, colors, pictures and Telesummit topic)
  • Page where Recordings will be located – *generic unless specified
  • Follow-up done through a weekly email report/or emails
  • Check-in via telephone for 15 min, once per week for a maximum of 8 calls

During Telesummit

  • Autoresponder management for Telesummit/Teleseminar speaker announcements
  • Email marketing campaign coordination & distribution for Telesummit/Teleseminar
  • Posting recordings and or Transcripts
  • Email blasts to Telesummit participants including links to recordings if provided

After Telesummit

  • Final Email blasts to Telesummit participants on recordings available etc.

I work in close partnership with you to manage all aspects of your ecommerce and email marketing efforts through your shopping cart.

You will receive my own exclusive checklist which makes sure you cover all items required and dates to be submitted to me for completion of all your Telesummit details. This is a form you can use over and over again for each Telesummit you have.

You will also receive my speaker spreadsheet that allows you to keep in one place all the valuable information on what is needed from each of your speakers.

Telesummit Plus Care Package – Everything included above AND the additional benefits of:

Speaker Follow-up

  • Obtain specific information regarding their topic that they’ll cover during the event, bio, picture, bullet points they are speaking about and any special offers they are making along with the website where offer is held.
  • Send their specific Affiliate link and emails on Telesummit
  • Send out the promotional expectations – where and how frequently will they promote the Telesummit event


Additional Add-on Packages

Project management
  • Gentle reminders on items due to me
  • Phone meetings to review completed tasks and what is forthcoming
  • Managing the backend of your telesummit needs
Add-on Password Protected Pages

Specific additional web pages to house recordings and transcripts or specifics for those purchasing products that require downloads.

  • Create Password Protected Page for all your Audio or Audio/Transcript product recordings.
Add-on Social Media Package
  • Social Media marketing promoted beginning week of launch of Telesummit
  • Schedule Tweets/Facebook updates via social networking sites


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