Article Marketing

Optimize for your key Words. That will help your article show up better in the search engine results. JMO Biz Support can research for the keywords you should be using in your article, then put them in the right places before submitting.

Research the best places to submit your article. You can spend your time researching, or writing your next article while JMO Biz Support searches for the best submission sites for you.

Submit your article. Submit your article up to 5 article submission directories to save you time and to help get traffic from those articles back to your website.

Create a compelling resource box. JMO Biz Support will help you write your resource box for submitting your articles to give your readers incentive to click through to your website.

JMO Biz Support can provide these and many other services. Please email or schedule an appointment with Jacki today to learn more.

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